12 March 2010 – walking by the river and pushing too far


I love Fridays! Having Fridays off is the only thing that makes working four ten hour shifts at The Mad House bearable. Once again I walked down to the river, right down to the White Swan. There was a real chill in the air this morning so I was all wrapped up with my wooly hat and thick coat. Despite the cold it was sunny and bright and I enjoyed every moment. It hardly seemed like exercise at all really. Maybe if I’d started doing this years ago I wouldn’t have got so fat in the first place.

Down by the Swan some people were paddling canoes so I sat and watched for a while, taking a break at the halfway point. By then I was quite warm so I took my hat off and unzipped my coat. Maybe that’s me burning calories. I’d like to think so anyway. Instead of walking back along the river I decided to walk in a big loop past Gaters Mill and the Swan Garden Centre. What was I thinking? The hill nearly killed me. By the time I got to the top I was sweating and my legs were burning so much I thought they might catch fire. That’ll teach me for not thinking things through.

This afternoon I fell asleep in the chair!


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