17 March 2010 – power cut


Eloelia was late again this morning. Apparently her child minder didn’t turn up. She’s pretty unreliable. Ali Rana gave her a real dressing down in front of everyone, said he’d put her on report if it happened again and she’d have to work through break to make the time up. She just flounced off to her desk without a word which wound him up all the more.

Rory is mentoring Amy and he keeps rolling his eyes at us across the desk. Every time she makes a mistake or he tries to tell her how to do something she says, “that’s not how we did it at The Warehouse,” or “it’s not may fault you don’t know how to run a call centre properly.” It’s a wonder he hasn’t strangled her yet. She spent the whole of break time telling us how she was really a singer and is just doing this until she gets discovered. How Panda kept her mouth shut is beyond me.

Halfway through the afternoon all the computers and the lights went off. The phones cut off too so we all lost our calls. Annoyingly I almost had a sale in the bag at the time. Everyone sat around looking at each other.
“The whole of the top end of town’s off,” Masher said,”someone has cut an underground cable so it could be off for hours.”
We all hoped we’d get sent home. Unfortunately The Mad House have generators though and it wasn’t long before they kicked in. We could see a steady stream of people walking out of offices and shops around us but we had to sit and work. Of course half the calls we got were abut the power cut so we were busier than ever.


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