18 March 2010 – team night and popularity


It’s going to be a busy few days. The count down to the weekend has started. Tonight there was team night out at TGI’s and on Friday there are drinks at Frankie’s. This is not good hot on the heels of Mother’s Day food and cake and a weigh in on Monday. The only cloud on the horizon is the dentist on Friday morning which seems like bad planning but I can’t wait to get my new crown and get rid of this sandpaper temporary one.

For the second day running Eloilia didn’t turn up for work and didn’t phone in. Ali Rana was in conference with Karen about it for most of the afternoon. If she’s not careful they’ll sack her, but maybe that’s what she wants. If she resigns she can’t sign on, if she gets sacked she probably can. This team is shrinking fast, the Ali Rana effect. Morale isn’t exactly high at the moment.

TGI’s turned out to be a rather a somber affair for most of us. With Gunbir sacked and Eloelia living in last chance city there wasn’t much reason for celebrating. Ali Rana was there too which put more of a dampener on the proceedings. The only person who seemed happy was Amy. She sat next to Ali Rana and when she wasn’t talking loudly about all the things she knows everything about she was drinking. She got very drunk very quickly and then she started singing. It didn’t endear her to anyone, except possibly Ali Rana who seemed smitten and couldn’t take his eyes off her. If her singing tonight is anything to go by it will be a long time before she gets discovered.
“Standby X Factor auditions,” Panda whispered when we could hear ourselves think.

Amy and Ali Rana left together straight after the main course. We relaxed a bit after that.
“Gopesh has been talking to the union,” Grant told us. “They say he has a case for unfair dismissal and he’s thinking about taking Mad House to a tribunal.”
“That won’t make Ali Rana very popular then,” Primo said. “Even if they win it’ll cost the company a fortune, not to mention the bad publicity.


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