20 March 2010 – hungover at the dentist


There was a walk yesterday but only to the dentist and back. To be honest I felt slightly hung over. Despite trying my best to make wise food choices I did succumb to the lure of alcohol, mainly to drown out Amy’s singing. Not much, just three rum and diet cokes, but that’s three more than I normally have. My head felt all fuzzy today. Still, after over an hour sitting in the dentist’s chair, I have a normal tooth now. Thing is it doesn’t feel normal. My jaw aches from all the pulling about and the new tooth, nice as it looks, feels like something alien in my mouth. I’m terrified it will break or come out when I chew.

That feeling helped slightly with the food situation at Frankie’s tonight. I hardly ate anything. It was torture because she’d put on a wonderful spread of snacks and nibbles as usual. It didn’t stop me drinking however and half a bottle of wine on an empty stomach is not good. I could hardly see straight by the end of the evening and my head really hurts today. I think I’ll go back to bed.

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