22 March 2010 – safety in the war zone

Mednyánszky, László - Two Tramps

Mednyánszky, László – Two Tramps

Despite the alcohol and possibly because of the lack of food since the dentist on Friday morning there was a massive two pound loss this morning. The tooth is beginning to settle in now though so I can’t expect the dentist effect to last. Still it does take me back into the elevens, just, and I haven’t been eleven-thirteen since last May. If I can just keep this up I could be in new weight territory before too long.

There was a meeting going on when I got to work. Not a proper, official one, but everyone was gathered together talking at once. Obviously something had happened. Turns out a member of staff got stabbed outside the office on Friday and everyone was up in arms about the safety of walking through the war zone. I was fairly glad I didn’t know about it when I was walking in.

“I heard this tramp asked for a fag and when the matey said no he stabbed him, just like that, no warning,” Masher said.
“Aiden said it was money he asked for,” Grant chipped in.
“I get asked for both about four times every time I walk down that road,” I said, thinking about all the times I’ve said no and walked on and how easily it could have been me getting stabbed.
“You know they’re only going to go into the shop and buy booze if you do give them anything,” Panda added.
“Something has to be done,” Masher said. “They’re always hanging around right outside the doors and the security guards don’t do a thing. We shouldn’t have to put up with it. It isn’t safe.”
“Is the guy ok?” Rae asked. No one knew the answer to that.

Eloelia has not come back. Ali Rana broke up our meeting to announce she’s been sacked. Another one bites the dust. This is becoming a bit of a Monday habit of his. At this rate he’s not going to have a team to manage. Primo is talking about changing to another team, Rae has applied to join the police and Panda is looking for jobs. I’m not sure what I’d do if she left, she’s the only thing keeping me sane.

When we went out at lunch time the security guard was standing outside telling all the tramps to get off the premises. It doesn’t stop them hanging around on the street corner though or sitting on the wall outside.

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