27 March 2010 – biting the varifocal bullet


Yesterday I got all the supplies for Sunday’s trip to Wembley and Rachel came to cut my hair so that was that out of the way. Today was all about glasses. Since I was in my twenties I’ve had to wear the blasted things, without them I can’t see. A few years ago I tried contact lenses, wore them for about a year, but, with all the flying I was doing back then, they were too much trouble. From a vanity perspective I don’t mind the glasses, at least they hide the crows feet a bit but they’re a pain when it’s raining.

Now the time has come for the dreaded varifocals. I’ve been putting it off but it’s just too much trouble having to have different glasses for walking about and reading. Things have got to the point where I can’t see the prices in the supermarket with my walking around glasses on but I can’t see to walk around with my reading ones. Age is catching up with me. It’s catching up with Commando too. For a long time I’ve told him he should get his eyes tested and he’s been resisting the idea. Today he finally caved in so we both went to the opticians for an eye test. Somehow I think he was still hoping they’d say his eyes were fine. They didn’t, he needs reading glasses.

Last time I had my eyes tested I saw some beautiful Chanel frames, black with little silver flowers on the arms. They were too expensive so I looked but didn’t buy. Today, with Commando egging me on, I bought them. The price of the frames and the varifocals lenses together made my eyes water. On top of the cost of my tooth it is turning out to be a costly year. Good job I have the redundancy money as back up and a job that pays well even if I do hate it.

I’m pretty sure Commando only talked me into the Chanel frames because he had his eye in some Rayban frames for himself. Justifying his own spending my making me do the same. He did look very sexy in them though. Now it’s off to bed early and off to Wembley tomorrow. Come On You Reds!

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