29 March 2010 – half dead and cursing the celebration binge

Strangled by those size eight leggings

Strangled by those size eight leggings

It was a bus to work this morning, feeling half dead and cursing Ali Rana for not giving me the day off. Amy’s empty seat just rubbed salt into the wounds. If there’s any justice her size eight leggings will strangle her. To cap it all our systems were down most of the day. You’d think they’d have let us go home but they didn’t. We spent all day answering calls, telling people the systems were down and either directing them to the website or filling in a call back form. We all did our best to discourage the latter because we know for sure those call backs are not going to happen.

There was a weigh in this morning but no loss. This wasn’t much of a surprise after a celebratory day including a large slap up meal in a pub in Marylebone before we caught the train. Gammon steak, chips and salad are not diet food and neither are four rum and cokes even if it was diet coke. Good job I lost two pounds last week really.

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