31 March 2010 – Celebration Time!

Celebration Time!

Celebration Time!

The walk to work was cancelled this morning due to exceptionally high winds. Getting blown off the Big Bridge is not on my to do list. Then again, it would get me out of answering the phones all day. Even going over the bridge on the bus was a white knuckle ride. We got suck in traffic half way across and I swear the bus was rocking with each gust. There was a point when I thought walking and going over the side was preferable to being trapped in a sinking bus.

As I suspected Masher couldn’t have two bad sales days in a row and, even though I got five, he got almost double. Amy got one and Ali Rana couldn’t stop praising her. Not long after afternoon break Primo went off to speak to Karen, she looked pretty angry. Then, almost at the end of the day, Ali Rana got called into the pod by Karen. Of course we were all craning our necks to see what was going on even though we were on calls. We couldn’t really tell what was happening but, when he came out, he didn’t come back to the team area.

A little while later Karen came over and asked us all to log off. Everyone was looking at each other wondering what was going on.
“Ali Rana is no longer your manager,” she said. I don’t know about anyone else but I had to work hard to suppress a whoop or a cheer at that point and there were a lot of smiling faces around me, except Amy of course.
There were a lot of questions but she sidestepped most of them. The gist of it is, all the shenanigans with not booking holidays for us, not giving us our one to ones each month, falling sales and performance figures on the team and Gunbir’s tribunal cost him his job. He hasn’t been sacked though, just moved to a different department in a non managerial capacity.

After Karen left we all stood about talking about it. Primo told us she’d asked for a transfer to a different team, which may have been the final nail in Ali Rana’s coffin. Karen didn’t accept her request. The biggest worry was what would happen next. Karen assured us the team wouldn’t be disbanded, it was the one question she did answer. What we all wanted to know was who we would get as a manager.
“I think they should ask you,” Panda said to Primo.
The rest of us agreed almost unanimously. Whoever it turns out to be I hope it isn’t a case of out of the frying pan into the fire. There couldn’t be anyone worse than Ali Rana, could there?

When we finally left the office it was snowing! Rae’s car had a thin layer of snow on the roof when we got to it. For heaven’s sake, it’s the last day of March! Whatever happened to global warming?


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