7 April 2010 – meeting the new manager!


There are just twenty five sleeps until Turkey! Yikes. At weigh in yesterday I lost two pounds again. I’m thinking one of those was the one I didn’t lose last week. Maybe the Sunday football celebration food was still in my system and skewed the weigh in. Just three weigh ins to go now though so I really have to be on best behaviour. So far this week I’ve been good. Even over the Easter weekend there was no chocolate, although the Thursday night celebration probably wasn’t a good idea in hindsight. I really want to wear my bikini on the beach on my birthday. Obviously, I have to actually buy one first.

On my way up in the lift this morning a woman I didn’t recognise spoke to me.
“What a lovely morning,” she said. “Are you looking forward to the week ahead?”
“Um, I guess,” I replied, wondering what drugs she was on and thinking I probably shouldn’t upset her in case she was dangerous. We were shut in a moving lift after all. I mean, who enjoys working at the Mad House? She looked quite normal, tallish, slim, quite pretty, with long dark hair. She was very well dressed for the Mad House where jeans are the norm.
When she got out on my floor I began to wonder if she was stalking me, but she went off towards Karen’s desk so I figured I was safe.

We were all gathered for morning ‘cuddle’ when Karen came over with the stranger from the lift. When she introduced her as Kim Sutherland, our new manager, I went cold. What exactly had I said in the lift? I’m not very good at hiding what I think, my mind is usually written all over my face. Did she know I thought she was a weirdo stalker and I hated my job? This was not a very good start.

The new manager wasn’t the only change to the team. Gunbir is back! Not only has he been reinstated but he says all his wages for the time he was off have been backdated. What good news and I’m so glad justice was done. We all crowded round him when he walked in and he looked quite emotional. What a lovely surprise.

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