12 April 2010 – weigh in regrets

An extra stone makes a big difference

An extra stone makes a big difference

Another pound off this morning and I’m getting close to my lowest weight ever. Even so, I can’t help thinking that, if I’d eaten better over Christmas, I could be so much lighter now. More than a stone lighter to be exact. Imagine that, I’d be ten stone something now! I don’t think I’ve been ten stone something since I had Philo.

Actually, it’s Philo’s birthday today. We popped round to see him yesterday and give him his card and present. We sat in their garden on the swing seat drinking wine and enjoying the sun. The girls were dashing about and jumping on their trampoline. Every so often Bea would run over, grab my hand and drag me off to show me some wonder or other, a pretty stone, a flower a worm. That child is so full of curiosity and energy. She and Ashleigh are like chalk and cheese. Where Bea chatters away and stomps around creating havoc, Ash is quiet, shy and graceful it’s all going on inside her head though.

Sirona bought a telescope for Philo for his birthday. I hope the stars are shining tonight for him.


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