15 April 2010 – ash cloud blues

Ash cloud

Ash cloud

Yesterday when I saw the news item about some unpronounceable volcano in Iceland erupting I didn’t take much notice. Tonight though, the news is full of it. Apparently it has thrown up a huge ash cloud and more or less all UK flights have been cancelled. Commando is very fond of watching Air Crash Investigation and I remember an episode where a plane flew through a ash cloud with disastrous results. They saw strange lights, like St Elmo’s fire and there was weird sulphurous smoke in the cabin. Then the engines failed. Thankfully the plane managed to land safely but it was touch and go and the ash had almost stripped the paint off the outside.

Obviously the flights have to be grounded but I feel so sorry for all my friends still working in the travel industry tonight. They will all be working extra hours to sort out the mess, inform people, rearrange journeys and deal with the inevitable flack. I hope the planes start flying again soon.


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