19 April 2010 – goodbye Amy!

The war zone

Just another normal day in the war zone

Just three more days to get through and I’m on holiday! Yay! Although we aren’t flying out to Turkey until May 1 (if there are any flights that is) I have next week off so I can pack and prepare. It will also be a last chance workout week for me. I’m planning to do lots of exercise and watch my diet carefully in an effort to lose whatever I can before I brave the beach. There was a two pound loss this week, a result of a very good food week. All temptations were resisted, lots of exercise was done. Every single day I walked to work, did my pump it up and some evening exercise too. It shows it can be done but it may be a case of too little too late. I may be officially the lightest I’ve been for as long as I can remember but I’m still a way off being a healthy weight for my height, more than a stone away. See, if I’d just controlled myself over Christmas I’d be there right now! Grr, why am I so easily tempted?

When I went to lunch today there were twelve missed calls on my phone. Twelve! All of them were from Mini Commando who had a bit of a cash flow problem and wanted to bum some money. Sometimes I think that’s all I’m good for. Luckily for him there is a cash point in the canteen so I got him some. He promised to pay it back. Yeh, right! Like that’s ever going to happen. When I went outside to put him out of his misery a man was crawling on his hands and knees along the street to the bus stop. There was a trail of Special Brew cans behind him that had spilled from a hole in the carrier bag he was dragging. Across the road the woman tramp was passed out in a shop doorway, makeup and dirt streaked down her face. They were empty. Just another normal day in the war zone.

Kim called Amy into the pod this afternoon. When break time came round they were still in there. According to Primo Kim is fed up with her bad attitude and terrible stats. Every time anyone tries to help her their advice falls on deaf ears, she knows best.
“There was a complaint from a customer,” Primo told us as we queued at the coffee machine. “When Kim listened to the call it was terrible. She was downright rude. It wasn’t even a complaint call, they wanted to buy a freezer and were asking if they could have a loyalty discount because they bought all their kitchen appliances from us and they have top level appliance care. She actually said, “that’s the price, if you don’t like it get it somewhere else.” Can you believe it?”
“Why didn’t she just give them the loyalty discount?” Rae asked. It was what we were all thinking.
“Who knows? No wonder her sales are so rubbish though,” Primo said.

They were still in the pod when we came back from break but, not long after the door opened Amy came flouncing out with a face like thunder. She stomped over to her desk, picked up her bag and marched out of the door muttering about rubbish call centres who don’t know how to do things, she was still on probation and Kim had just sacked her. No one will miss her. Still it makes me wonder if my probation will ever end, I’ve been here seven months now and it’s only supposed to be for three but Ali Rana kept extending it.


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