20 April 2010 – airports open!

Hoping this doesn't happen again

Hoping this doesn’t happen again

My car documents arrived today. They seem to have taken forever. Now I can tax and insure it. After that I will be able to drive it. That is a very scary thought. I haven’t had a lesson since I started at the Mad House. Mike is not working any more and I haven’t got round. To finding another instructor. Part of me is scared at the thought of it. Fitting in driving lessons seems quite a task too, working the hours I do. Still, one thing at a time eh?

After an hour on the Reebok step in front of a sky plussed episode of Biggest Loser, I changed channels and the news was on. The aviation authority have said UK airports will open again at ten o’clock tonight. What a relief! Even so, there’s going to be chaos for a while because people have been stuck abroad and have to be flown home while other people have been stuck in the UK and also have to be flown home. It still looks like our holiday is balanced on a knife edge, especially as the blasted volcano could erupt again at any moment. Why is nothing ever simple?


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