25 April 2010 – busy doing nothing and an early birthday

Chill time

Chill time

Yesterday I chilled in the garden trying to work on my tan for Turkey. There probably should have been some exercise going on really but there wasn’t. After months of stress at the Mad House I think I deserve one day just doing nothing at all.

Today was different. Commando and I walked into town in the morning. That’s two miles there and two miles back. I think that counts as my exercise for the day. It was a pretty productive trip. We went into the Vodaphone shop and I came out with a new iPhone, a cheaper contract and cheaper insurance. Result!

We spent the afternoon in the garden with Philo, Sirona and the girls. This was my birthday part one. As I will be in Turkey on the day and Philo will be at work next week they brought my cards and presents today. There was even cake! Good job we did that four mile walk really. Sirona made me some lovely body butter and lip balm and Philo got me some Amazon vouchers I can use to download books to my kindle. They will come in very handy be ause I intend to do a lot of reading next week.

Late in the afternoon my phone rang. It was O2. They apologised for their poor service and offered me a discount. All a little late, as I told them. All in all it was a good day, made even better by the knowledge that I won’t have to go to work tomorrow.

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