3 May 2010 – paying for the overindulgence

I've never lounged so much in my life

I’ve never lounged so much in my life

In truth I didn’t feel at my best this morning. This could have had something to do with laying on the beach in the sun most of the day yesterday. It could also have been down to way too much food in the French restaurant or all the champagne. There was the beach champagne in the morning, the bottle in our room before lunch and then and evening of endless champagne cocktails. How much champagne can one girl drink? For someone who doesn’t normally drink this was probably not the best of plans but I don’t regret one drop of it.

On the upside my stomach felt a little too delicate to eat much today and there was no more champagne, even though it’s all inclusive so it’s basically free. We spent the day at Troyland, the giant water park in the hotel grounds. Mostly I lounged around reading my Kindle again. I don’t think I’ve ever Lounged so much in my life. There was a little swimming but mainly that was Commando. I just paddled about a bit every time I started getting overheated. Commando, on the other hand, made full use of the facilities, he even had a go on the longest flume in the world (well that’s what they said anyway).

The nearest I got to any exercise was the walk to Troyland and back with a little look in all the shops on the way back. We ate in the main buffet restaurant, me sparingly because my insides were still feeling rather delicate, then spent the evening in the bar listening to the piano player and watching the waiter who somehow manages to hold one glass in each hand while walking around with a third balanced on the top of his head. We kept waiting for him to drop one but he never did.

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