9 May 2010 – washing, phone and election blues

Now that's a match I'd like to see!

Now that’s a match I’d like to see!

Apart form the massive washing pile I had my phone issue to deal with today. You remember the phone that was stolen from my bag at the airport? Yes, that one. We did try to find out if it had been handed in when we landed but it hadn’t. Let’s face it, I knew that was never going to happen because I knew it was in my bag when I went into WH Smith to buy the sweets and water and it wasn’t there when I got on the plane. It wasn’t lost it was stolen. Even so we queued up at the desk to ask in the vain hope of a miracle and, for our trouble, got looked at as if we were mad to even ask.

So, with the first load of washing churning in the machine, I called the insurance company. What I was expecting was a promise of a new phone in the post quick smart. This, unfortunately, was not what I got. Turns out there was some clause in the contract saying I couldn’t make a claim in the first twenty eight days. Grr. So this means I will be phoneless for a month. Actually, that’s three more weeks seeing as I’ve already been without a phone for a week. Until now I didn’t realise how much I relied on it. Note to self, read the small print and don’t just dump my next phone in my handbag without thinking or zipping, especially not in a crowded airport.

When I settled down to catch up on a bit of English TV tonight it was all about the blasted election. Honestly, I thought going on holiday and doing the whole thing by postal vote I would have escaped all that. Seems not because it turns out the election was inconclusive and now there is endless speculation about who will team up with who to form a parliament. Why can’t they just sort it out with penalties like they do with the football? Now that would be something I wouldn’t mind watching.

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