13 May 2010 – struggling to get back on the wagon

At least I was moving faster than the people in the cars

At least I was moving faster than the people in the cars

For all my big talk about learning lessons from the weight gain I’m finding it hard to get back to sensible eating after my week away. It’s as if a taste of forbidden fruit (or in this case chocolate) has wiped out all I’ve learned. Back in the canteen I can’t resist the lattes, worse still I can’t seem to walk past the chocolate bars either. I’ve had one every single day even though each morning I tell myself I won’t. At this rate there’s going to be a gain rather than a loss when I next weigh in.

At least I’m back to the walking to and from work so maybe some of those burnt calories will cancel out the chocolate and the milky coffee. We can but dream eh? The walking has been an effort rather than a joy and not just because of the war zone and that horrible building. I’m tired, bone weary. Ironic since I’ve just had a holiday but the unrelenting phones, the moaning customers and the sheer hell of the place is wearing me out.

Still, I think I probably got home quicker than all the people stuck in their cars today. The Main Road was a little like a car park due to an accident on another of the routes out of town and, if I hadn’t been so tired, I might have felt quite smug as I passed all those motorists drumming their fingers on their steering wheels and looking fed up. Thank goodness it’s the weekend.

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