15 May 2010 – a late birthday meal

A surprise meal at Cafe Rouge

A surprise meal at Cafe Rouge

All day I’d been dashing about getting shopping, cleaning, gardening and yet more washing done. When I sank down into the chair with a well earned cup of coffee I realised the day was nearly over and soon I’d have to start thinking about making dinner.

“Curry or pasta?” I asked Commando.
“We don’t need to eat just yet do we?” he said, “just sit and rest for a minute?”
“We might not need to eat yet but it takes time to cook food you know, it doesn’t just materialise fully cooked on the plate.”
“I’m not really hungry yet, we had lunch late. Why don’t you go and have a nice shower and freshen up first? Put on something nice and maybe I’ll take you out for something to eat to save you cooking. ”
I looked at him sideways, it wasn’t like him to not be hungry no matter how late we ate lunch. Still, I was tired and, after the gardening and rushing about a shower sounded like a good idea and eating out even better, so off I went.

When I was getting dressed I thought I heard someone at the door and then voices downstairs. When I came back down Philo and Sirona were in the living room drinking coffee and looking smug. They’d come to take me out for a birthday meal seeing as I’d been away in Turkey on the actual day. How lovely. We all piled into Philo’s car and drove down to Gunwharf to Cafe Rouge. I’ve never been there before and it was lovely, there was even a bottle of champagne to celebrate me turning fifty. So far fifty seems to be the year of champagne. It’s all very well but probably not the best of plans given the weight gain…. Still, what a nice surprise.

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