17 May 2010 – water weight?

Water weight?

Water weight?

Weigh in this morning and, unaccountably, four pounds have disappeared. That makes no sense because I’ve been terrible on the eating front since I came back from Turkey and there was a meal out and champagne at the weekend. I’m taking it though and it’s made me more determined to nail the last two stone once and for all. Imagine weighing nine stone something!

When I mentioned the four pounds Rae, the resident diet expert on the team said, “it was probably all water weight. When you fly you hold onto water. It takes about a week for things to settle down.”
“So you think I’d never really put on eight pounds in the first place then?”
“Exactly. It isn’t that you’ve lost four without trying at all, it’s probably that you only gained four real pounds and four water ones.”
Actually it didn’t make me feel better at all. It made me slightly dejected that the four pounds I thought I’d lost were basically just lots of weeing!

Talking of flights, the unpronounceable Icelandic volcano has started erupting again and they are closing down the airways. Will it ever end? Of course I feel sorry for all my friends in the travel industry and the poor people who’s holidays have been disrupted but I can’t help thinking it could have happened last weekend and then we’d be stuck in Turkey. You’d have heard no complaining from me if that had happened.

In the spirit of getting back to the weight loss I watched a Biggest Loser final on Sky plus last night. The transformations were amazing and, not for the first time, I felt envious of them, envious and determined. Watching someone else lose weight is not the same as losing it yourself though… Tomorrow I will really get down to it. No more lattes and definitely no more sweets!

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