18 May 2010 – progress is just one latte

Progress is just one latte

Progress is just one latte

So tired…can hardly think straight. It has been a rubbish day. Zero sales, lots of moaners and, just before eight o’clock, a mega moaner who ended up as a manager escalation. Kim wasn’t happy because it meant she had to stay late to deal with it. It was almost half past eight by the time I walked through the turnstile and out into the dusk. Of course Rae had already gone and so had the ten past eight bus. The next one wasn’t due until ten past nine so I walked.

On the plus side this meant I walked for one hour twenty five minutes today, that’s four whole miles. The Wii Fit tells me that burnt over three hundred calories which, with the ones I burnt with my early morning Wii Session, add up to over five hundred. Food wise I had an almost perfect day, marred only by a solitary latte at lunch time. I am officially back on track and I’d better lose some real weight this week or I’m going to be very cross indeed.

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