23 May 2010 – I swear I can detect muscles

Not really what I wanted

Not really what I wanted

After the laying on a towel stint yesterday Commando went out while I was gardening and bought some new sun beds. The trouble is they’re the same as the last ones, cheap metal frames and canvas. They hardly last one summer and, to me, it all feels like a waste of money. I did suggest it might have been better to spend a bit more on some decent ones that would last a few years but, by then, the deed was done. Still, at least I had somewhere to sit during my gardening coffee break.

Actually, I never got up again. So much for burning calories cutting back the jungle that seems to have appeared where my garden used to be. All the clipping in the morning must have done some good though because I can hardly move my arms tonight and I swear I can detect muscles under all the flab on my upper arms. Maybe there’s a six pack hiding underneath the belly rolls too, now wouldn’t that be good?

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