24 May 2010 – the small matter of the bag of Maltesers

The small matter of the bag of Maltesers

The small matter of the bag of Maltesers

Today’s weigh in was slightly disappointing. Maybe it was a case of over high expectations rather than a real reason to gripe though because I did lose a pound taking me back to eleven-stone-nine. The thing is, after the four pounds last week I was kind of hoping there would be a little more water weight from the holiday flights lurking somewhere and I’d lose a bit more. So far this week the healthy eating is going well, along with the exercising. Ok, so I know it’s only Monday and there is the small matter of the bag of Maltesers…

I can explain that. After morning ‘cuddle’ Kim asked me to come into the dreaded pod. Of course I was terrified, thinking back over all my calls and sales for something I’d done wrong that would earn me a telling off.
“Don’t look so worried,” she said as she closed the door.
Turns out she just wanted to tell me my probation is finally over and I’m now a real Mad House girl. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
“Thank you,” I said, wondering if I should really be thanking her seeing as the last thing I wanted to be was a Mad House girl.
“It should have happened ages ago,” she said. “I’ve looked through your files and there was no reason for Ali Rana to hold you back. I had a word with Karen and we’re going to backdate it to January so you’ll find a little bonus in your pay packet this month.”
The maltesers were a relief chocolate fix, or maybe that should be a commiseration because now I really am stuck here.

They found a body floating in the water by the Big Bridge this afternoon. I guess it was someone who jumped off, although normally they do that from the New Bridge because it’s higher. I can’t imagine what would make someone want to do that, although a life sentence at the Mad House does come pretty close.

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