27 May 2010 – a mystery holiday

Wonder where he's taking me?

Wonder where he’s taking me?

When I was checking through my work emails this morning before ‘cuddle’ there was one authorising some holiday in August. Seeing as I hadn’t booked any holiday I was slightly puzzled.
“Kim, I think there’s been a mistake,” I said, “I didn’t request any time off in August.”
“Oh,” she said, “you weren’t supposed to get that.”
Somehow she seemed a little shifty and, when I looked at Panda she looked even shifter.
“What’s going on?” I asked, “You both look like you’re up to no good.”

They both denied everything but, at break time, Panda confessed. Commando phoned her and asked her to book the holiday because he’s planning a surprise break for me. What a bunch of schemers! Try as I might I couldn’t get Panda to tell me any more although I know she knows where he’s taking me.

Commando was even more tight lipped when I spoke to him on the phone tonight.
“Will it involve flying?” I asked.
“Is it somewhere I’ve been before?”
“Will it be hot?”
“Is it Europe?”
“I’m not telling or it’ll spoil the surprise.”
It felt like a game if twenty questions but I was none the wiser at the end. How exciting and all the more reason to keep on the straight and narrow and get some more of this blasted weight off. Wonder where he’s taking me?

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