31 May 2010 – bank holiday blues

He didn't get the memo about stopping for passengers

He didn’t get the memo about stopping for passengers

Why is the weather always terrible on Bank Holidays? There I was looking forward to a nice four day weekend to keep the tan topped up and do a bit more work in the jungle, I mean garden, and what did I get? Rain that’s what. Come to think of it, why are all the Bank Holidays bunched up at the same time of year too? This year there were two in April for Easter there are two in May and then nothing until August. Bank Holidays are like buses, you wait for ages for one and then they all come along together.

Talking of buses, I decided to go into town this morning for a mooch around, maybe look for some holiday clothes for August seeing as I will be thinner then and none of my Turkey clothes will fit. Ok, that’s the plan anyway and I did lose another pound this week so there is a basis for hope. Bank Holiday buses are few and far between, I knew that and, if it hadn’t been tipping down with rain, I may well have walked and burned a few extra calories. So I stood there at the bus stop waiting and waiting and when a bus did finally arrive it just sailed right past. As far as I remember when people are standing at a bus stop waiting it generally means they want a bus. The idea is that bus drivers stop, not drive on past as fast as they can. Obviously the driver of this particular bus didn’t get that memo.

In the end I did get into town but I couldn’t see anything I wanted to buy. Funny that, when I don’t have any money I always see loads of nice things I’d like to buy. Today though, with the nice bonus from the backdated Mad House permanent contract in my bank account, there was zilch, nada. How does that work? All in all it was at very unsuccessful day apart for the weight loss.

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