7 June 2010 – stasis and shoes


Weigh in reckoning came this morning. There was a zero, no loss no gain. No sooner have I started thinking about what I’d weigh if I lost a pound a week and I stop losing. Ok, it’s just one week, there was no gain, it could have all been far worse but still… I’m never sure how to feel about stayed the same weeks. On the one hand I didn’t lose anything which us upsetting, especially if I’ve had a good week, on the other I didn’t gain so I’m maintaining which is good. Maybe those Friday night Maltesers are to blame?

My walk this morning took me into town. Going shopping on a week day when everyone else is at work is great, the shops are half empty so there’s no battling through crowds in WestQuay or waiting in long queues to get served. I was after shoes for work, something comfortable for walking there and back. You’d think it would be easy to find something like that wouldn’t you? Turns out it’s not.

Eventually I found some nice flat gladiator sandals in Next. They fit perfectly and look quite good. They weren’t even all that expensive either. I’m still not sure where Commando is taking me for my surprise holiday so I can only hope they will be suitable.

Commando had been doing some work on the car while I was shopping and he rang me just as I was coming out of WestQuay to say he was in town and did I want to meet up for a coffee and a lift home? The plan had been to walk home but I said yes anyway, it was the lure of the coffee rather than the ride home. We met in Starbucks and easily found a comfy chair, another advantage of weekday trips to town. Commando eyed my Next bag suspiciously.
“What did you get?” He asked.
“Shoes,” I said getting them out of the bag to show him.
“What do you need more shoes for?” He asked. Honestly, men!
“The holiday of course. Will they be ok, seeing as I still have no idea where we’re going?” Ok so I was digging, trying to find out more about the destination.
“I suppose so,” he said, “they don’t look all that comfortable though and there might be some walking.”
It’s driving me nuts not knowing where we’re going but so far all I’ve managed to learn is it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go, it will be warm and there will be walking. Doesn’t really rule out many places does it?


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