11 June 2010 – iPhones don’t drink rum and coke

Ice, better in coke than an iPhone

Ice, better in coke than an iPhone

In all fairness I did pretty well on the food front last night and avoided over consumption of alcohol by drinking plain diet coke and telling everyone there was rum in it. There was one rum enhanced drink but I accidentally managed to drop my new iPhone into that, smashing the glass. There was a moment of sheer horror when I thought I might have to make another insurance claim but Panda, who appears to be an expert in phones dropped in drinks, rescued the situation and dried it out. After about half an hour it even worked again. Apparently it would have been a different sorry if the coke had been the full fat variety.

Of course there was drunkenness, mainly Primo, and lots of loud raucous laughter. It’s a good job the gym is on the far side of the house, well away from our nearest neighbours really. Rae, who is currently in the middle of yet another Cambridge diet, was in fine form, that is very windy. Poor Mini Commando, who came home at some point in the proceedings, was quite shocked by all the farting which, coming from him, shows just how badly living on soups and shakes affects the digestive system. He isn’t used to women being quite so free with their flatulence. 

Saturday 12 June 2010

We sat inside watching the England USA World Cup group match today when we could have been out in the garden catching the last rays of the sun sipping wine on the decking. What a waste of good sun.

It was touted as the easiest match for us and we blew it and drew it 1-1. Seriously, if we can’t even beat USA what hope have we got? England were uninspired end of story. Still, I’m hardly inspired myself on the food and exercise front. At the beginning if my week off I was totally determined to stick to the diet and go for long walks every day. It didn’t happen like that though and now I’ve got the scales to face on Monday as well as work. Why can’t I seem to stick to it?


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