14 June 2010 – paying for a lazy week

A little present

A little present

Well the week off filled with exercise and perfect eating didn’t go quite to plan. In fact it was almost exactly opposite to the plan and, as a consequence, there was a one pound gain this week. The wii fit trainer is all huffy with me again and I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever conquer this weight loss thing.

As if all that wasn’t depressing enough I had to go back to work this morning. When I left the lift the butterflies were doing a little war dance in my tummy at the thought of what was ahead. I walked through the door and towards my desk only to see someone else sitting there. There was a stranger sitting in Panda’s seat too. When I looked around the team area all I saw was strangers. What was going on?

Just as I was wondering if I’d wandered into a parallel universe Panda appeared.
“I thought you’d be here,” she said.
“Where else would I be?” I asked, “but where’s everyone else and who are all these people?”
“We moved to floor seven while you were away,” she said.
“What, the whole team?”
“Yes, we moved on Friday. I moved all your stuff for you and made sure we’re still sitting together. You don’t get rid of me that easily.”

Shed left me a little welcome present too, a satsuma with a funny face. At least it wasn’t chocolate!

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