18 June 2010 – bad food choices and bad football

Stairs, my secret weapon

Stairs, my secret weapon

This week felt like a month at the very least. Going back to work after a week off is always difficult, working at Mad House makes it doubly so. Then there was the change of floor. A different view from a different window and realising I’m incapable of remembering which floor to get out of the lift on from one day to the next. Three days out of four I’ve got out at floor six, walked onto the old floor and then realised I was in the wrong place. Oh well, I guess I’m burning extra calories walking up the stairs.

Unfortunately, the depression of being back at work led to several bad food choices, mostly from the canteen. Usually the only thing I buy is my latte, or maybe three. This week I was tempted by the fancy desert pots, creamy chocolate affairs. I was also tempted by the sweets and one day even a cake. Eating doesn’t help I know but I can’t seem to help myself.

This evening Commando and I sat down to watch the England Algeria match. After the England USA debacle we were hardly expecting greatness. It there is always that little shard of hope lurking isn’t there? It didn’t lurk for long…

We turned the TV off at half time. What is the point? 

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