19 June 2010 – a fresh fruit kick

Fruit salad, mmm

Fruit salad, mmm

In an effort to get back on track with the weightloss I’ve been on a bit of a fresh fruit kick today. Please note this is not some kind of fad diet, I’m done with those. The plan is to try to replace all the chocolate and bad snacks with tasty fruit. Yesterday I filled my shopping basket with grapes, pomegranate, melon, pineapple and humble apples. Today I made myself a big vat of fruit salad and, when the snack monster attacks that is what I shall be eating.

Will it work? Who knows? Melon balls and pomegranate are delicious though so fingers crossed. I also bought a plastic container that is supposed to be leak proof so I can take some to work with me. Fingers crossed on the leakproofness too. I’m entirely convinced on that.

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