25 June 2010 – burning calories in the garden


The garden has been more than a little neglected this year, what with looking for jobs, walking, trying to lose weight and learning the ropes at Mad House, not to mention being worn out half the time with a head that feels like it’s going to explode from all the new things I’m trying to stuff into it. Anyhow, Commando has been getting a little bit antsy about things getting overgrown. When he started threatening to hack at it himself I thought I’d best get to work. Commando is in charge of the lawn, mainly because he knows what grass is and is good at making things all neat. When it comes to flowers and shrubs he’d probably just chop them all down to the ground.

Hence I spent the whole day in the garden. Right now I can hardly type because my arms are stiffening up from all the clipping. My back aches and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to unbend my legs when I go to stand up. It all has to be good exercise though, right?

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