5 July 2010 – resisting the lure of the cake sale


Day one didn’t go too badly. I did my normal weekday morning Wii Fit exercise which added to a surprising number of calories according to the calorie diary and ate a normal day’s diet minus any extra naughty treats. I added everything I ate into the calorie diary and was within my allowance. So far so good then.

It was not the best of starts because there was a charity cake sale at work today for the Make a Wish Foundation. I wanted to buy something so I could contribute but I didn’t want to eat it, especially not on my first day. I’m proud to say, although I bought a huge slab of sponge cake with thick butter icing, I resisted actually eating it. Instead I donated it to Masher, who loves his food and will Hoover up anything given half a chance. I don’t think he could believe his luck. He was looking at me strangely all afternoon waiting for the catch.

Although the cake looked lovely and I was almost dribbling with desire I had the strength to give it away. Well done me! I did have carbonara pasta tonight but a very small portion and just half a portion of garlic bread (Sainsbury’s be good to yourself I might add) and every morsel added to the diary and still within calories. That’s day one of my new start over, let’s see what tomorrow brings…

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