6 July 2010 – will girls night be my downfall?



Another day towards my goal. Today there were no temptations, apart from the usual array of sweeties in the canteen and the lovely smell of the cooked lunches. I just got my usual fruit pot (well my new usual since Carla talked the chef into making them for me specially) and my skinny latte treat to go with the sandwich I made at home. If I can keep this up reaching my goal will be easy.

I expect there will be lots more temptations to resist along the way though. Especially as another girls night is looming in the next couple of weeks. The girls nights with the Pussy Posse, as Commando has christened them, have become a regular fixture, mainly because we have a large gym where we can all comfortably fit. We usually stay up half the night drinking and eating snacks. Normally I can resist most of the snacks, although I’m pretty partial to Dorritos and dips and the alcohol weakens my resolve. If only they made calorie free alcohol, Dorritos and dips!

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