7 July 2010 – a tummy bug setback

Walking to work

Walking to work

All in all not a bad day. I exercised this morning and walked to work as usual. I must have been really marching because I cut five minutes off my normal time! I time myself with the clock on my iPhone though so it’s not exactly accurate and it does all depend on how long I have to wait to cross the roads on the way. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t as much of a breakthrough as I’m making out and more traffic related than walking speed but still every little victory should be celebrated right?

All was going well until this afternoon when I started to come down with the tummy bug that’s going round the office. Despite feeling decidedly groggy, I did walk to Rae’s car for my lift home which is about a 20 minute walk from the Mad House up by the Common. Once I got home though I couldn’t face the evening Wii Fit. There was a Thai curry waiting for me tonight, lovingly arranged on a plate by Commando and pre cooked by me at the weekend, but I only ate half of it because I felt a bit odd in the tummy department. Then, later in the evening, I messed up by having a supper of coco pops. My tummy is still feeling bad but, thank heavens, it is not sickness just the other end that’s the problem. I really hate being sick. Still I suppose it might help me lose a few pounds.

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