9 July 2010 – ringing the changes



After working four ten-hour shifts, ten until eight, and feeling unwell for the last two of them, Friday came as a relief. Not having the routine of work and the dreaded phones to take my mind off eating can often lead to Friday boredom eating which could explain a lot when I come to think of it.

Today though, even though my head was pounding when I got up and my tummy was still not quite right, I took two head ache pills and got on the Wii Fit. This was mainly because I was thinking about my calorie and exercise diary and my new start. After 45 sweaty minutes I felt a lot better and even changed my personal trainer routine, which I’ve been meaning to do for ages. This afternoon I took a really brisk walk up the Little Hill to the shops and then back with 4 heavy bags of shopping. After that I did some much needed gardening so that kept me away from snacks and made my exercise diary look quite enviable.

After watching an episode of The Biggest Loser where the trainer told his team that they should lay off the starchy carbs after lunch I have decided to try this approach and see if that works. So dinner tonight was loads of dry fried tomato and onion, two low fat sausages and two scrambled eggs. Not too many calories but I’m feeling full and not even thinking about evening snacking.


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