11 July 2010 – hot days and evening exercise

Watching as a neutral

Watching as a neutral

It’s been quite a lazy Sunday so far with little in the way of exercise but I’m going to do step on the Wii Fit now while I watch the world cup final. That should do it. OK so I know I said I was fed up with the World Cup but I didn’t have much choice in the matter with Commando and Mini Commando getting all excited even though England were knocked out ages ago. It’s been very hot today so I’ve found it hard to motivate myself to get moving but it’s cooled down a bit now. Hopefully I won’t be sweating too much on the Wii, although I suspect I will.

We had dinner at lunchtime so I could have hash browns with my pork chop and not mess up my no carb evenings. I also cooked four evening meals for the week this morning so that’s that taken care of and I can relax and enjoy the football. Well, I say relax, I’m not sure that step could really be classed as relaxing but at least with England out of the running I can enjoy the match because I really don’t care who wins. Every cloud and all that.

Well, I’ve just finished my hour on the Wii. I put the Wii board on top of my Reebok stepper to make it a bit more interesting. I’m sweating like a pig and worn out but it will be well worth the effort if I lose weight when I weigh in tomorrow.


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