12 July 2010 – what a great weigh in!


(11 st 7.2 lb BMI 27.7 Size 14)

The BL people say you should weigh in once a week on the same day at the same time in the same place so I’ve decided my weigh in day should be Monday because the thought of the scales might just keep me on track over the weekends. OK, so it hasn’t exactly worked so far but still…I was a bit frightened to step on them I must admit. After all that time not really losing I was afraid I would still be the same weight even after all my hard work. I always weigh myself naked first thing in the morning but this morning I even took off my rings and my silver bangle. They must weigh something mustn’t they? OK, I know this sounds completely barmy, but I even breathed out when I stood on them in case the air in my lungs made a difference. Actually that is completely barmy.

What a great start! I’ve lost 3.8 lb in my first week. Just to be sure I had to weigh myself twice and, when it came out the same the second time, I think I may have even done a little victory dance. If only I could do that every week I’d be at my goal in no time. Now where have I head that before? The no evening carbs seem to be doing the trick so I’m going to keep on with that for the time being even if I do miss potatoes and bread. This morning I worked out on my new wii fit routine and again tonight although I didn’t do quite as much as normal because my calves ache after the mad hour of step yesterday. I’ve forgotten that feeling because haven’t done such a long time on the Reebok step for ages. Usually my calves are great from all the walking so I know yesterday’s work out must have done some good. No pain no gain, or should that be no loss?

I’m feeling very positive about this week and hoping I can keep it up. Obviously I can’t lose such big numbers every week but any number is good as long as it is a step nearer my goal


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