13 July 2010 – carb temptation

Pasta temptation

Pasta temptation

Tonight I was sorely tempted to abandon the no carb evenings. Commando had cooked (well he thinks it’s cooking really it’s just warming up) the pasta I prepared on Sunday for dinner. It looked lovely and I really wanted to eat it. I stood looking at it for ages having an argument with myself in my head. In the end my good girl head won. I threw the garlic bread in the bin, making sure to push it right to the bottom with all the moldy vegetable peelings so I couldn’t get it back out and eat it. Actually that’s not strictly true, I did save two slices, and I put them and the pasta in a plastic container to take to work for lunch tomorrow. Then I made myself a no carb meal of low fat sausage, egg and bacon (all dry fried in my new non stick pan). I’m really proud of myself. I did plenty of exercise today too, the Wii Fit routine this morning, walked to work and Wii Fit again this evening. All good going.

My one worry is the girls night on Thursday. It’s doubtful I’ll be able to stay strong, especially after a few rum and cokes. My team are also doing a charity day, gardening for Naomi House and Mitty, the new girl on the team is bringing home cooked Indian food for our lunch. She’s making a curry, samosas and bhajis. How can I say no? Not only do I love it but I would also be really rude and offend Mitty if I didn’t eat any of it. My only hope is to just eat a little bit and be strong enough to minimize the damage. The worry is that I’ll go a little mad it will be the start of one of my legendary binges. Why is it that, once I’ve started, I think I might as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb and just keep on going?

In the spirit of trying to be good I ordered some no carb snacks for Thursday night when I did my online food shop but I’m not sure I’ll be able to stick to them when there are Dorritos and dips sitting there waiting to be eaten. It’s so easy to accidentally eat Dorritos and dips after all.


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