14 June 2010 – tired but a good calorie exercise balance

Walking to work was an effort

Walking to work was an effort

Bad day workwise. No sales and very tired because I had a horrible dream about Commando leaving me and couldn’t get back to sleep. Somehow I dragged myself onto the Wii Fit this morning but it was a struggle.

Food wise I did well. Had last nights pasta for lunch and stuck to the no carbs tonight. I walked to work but no exercise tonight because the shopping was here when I got in and I had to put it all away. By the time I had I was so knackered I just wanted to crawl into bed. Still the calorie exercise balance is looking good.

Girls night tomorrow has been cancelled which is for the best. And gardening day tomorrow should be good exercise. Now I just have to figure out what to do with all those blasted no carb snacks other than gorge myself. Even no carb snacks have calories…


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