16 July 2010 – charity gardening hangover


• Exercise: 321
• Consumed: 1485

Well I’ve woken up a little stiff in the shoulders after a day cutting back hedges at Naomi House for our charity day. It was hard work but we had fun and the rain more or less held off. Rae, Panda, Primo and I did most of the work while the boys messed about trying to show off how strong they were carting things around. We clipped miles of hedges and weeded between acres of crazy brick paths. Kim supervised because she’s the manager and far too weak and feeble to mange either hedge trimming or weeding. Mitty pretended to work while actually getting in the way and making the job harder.

I didn’t do too badly at lunch time. I did eat two of Mitty’s samosas and one bhaji and I also had a tiny taste of her chicken curry. More calories than I would have liked but not as bad as it could have been. It was all delicious and I was SO tempted to have more. The Naomi House people bought us cup cakes in the afternoon, homemade with coffee icing on top. I just couldn’t resist those but I did choose the smallest one. We worked for over four hours solid cutting things down and weeding those brick paths. OK, so my shoulders are a bit sore today from all the shearing but it was nice to see that all the youngsters on the team were far more worn out than me, even Kim who hardly lifted a finger all day. Better still when I added it to my exercise diary I found it had burnt 1500 calories! Maybe I should get a job as a Gardner then I wouldn’t need to diet.

Probably because of all that effort yesterday, Im feeling tired today. Still I did some exercise but not as much as normal and ate a bit more too. Even so I kept to a negative balance against my allowance plus exercise but with nothing much left over. This is probably the worst day Ive had so far.

Oh well tomorrow is another day!


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