17 July 2010 – takeaway disaster


• Exercise: 1037
• Consumed: 1525

Good day again. I went to the village this morning to get the ingredients for charity cakes for work then spent the afternoon in the garden clipping away. Two big garden bags were filled up with all the mess. Of course I didn’t do it to Commando’s exacting standards but I burnt over 700 calories all the same.

Commando wanted a takeaway this evening. He was a bit sulky when I said I could have a chicken kebab with no chips and not eat the pitta bread. He sulked so much I gave in and we got a Chinese which is a cop out I know but then you wouldn’t believe how good at sulking he is. In my defence, we only got three dishes and I had a really small portion. This posed a problem with the calorie diary because I really had no idea how many calories were in any of it but I counted it as best I could, overestimated as much as possible, and added it to my diary. The food lists on the site are very good and they do have things like take away food but it’s hard to really know how much I had. Maybe I should have weighed it. Luckily all I had for lunch was a pack of sunbites because I wasn’t hungry and was so busy in the garden I didn’t stop for anything else later. This meant I am still within my calories and have a nice fat balance because of the exercise

Now all I have to do is resist the prawn crackers this evening!

Oops, just ate some! Good job I did all that gardening this afternoon!


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