18 July 2010 – cake bowl blues


• Exercise: 456
• Consumed: 1052

Well not much of a last chance work out today although I did do nearly an hour on the Wii which is good and I completed the Wii challenge. I have hardly sat down all day though so there might not be much to log in my exercise diary but I guess I must have been burning off the calories. This morning/afternoon I prepared all the meals for the week and really put some thought into what I could have that wouldn’t involve starchy carbs. This is especially important after falling off the wagon with the Chinese yesterday.

While I was cooking I made the cakes for the cake sale. Admittedly I wasn’t perfect about dipping and licking I did pretty well. As soon as the cake bowl was empty I called Mini Commando and he took it away, he loves licking the cake bowl. Don’t think he could believe his luck. The chocolate icing was more difficult. You can’t help getting it on your fingers when you ice the cakes and I can’t help licking it off. Still I did keep it to a minimum and called Mini Commando again for the bowl.

We had our main meal at lunch time again today which meant I could have hash browns with my salad and omelette. I surprised myself by leaving one though because I was too full. Perhaps my stomach is shrinking! Now I’m not sure what I’m going to have for dinner but I’m not hungry right now so I will leave it for a bit.

Hope the weigh in tomorrow reflects how hard I’ve worked.

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