19 July 2010 – cakes and willpower

Lots of willpower needed

Lots of willpower needed

11 st 5.4 lb BMI 27.4 size 14

• Exercise: 525
• Consumed: 1071

Back to the Mad House this morning but I got a lift in from Commando which cut my exercise calories considerably. Unfortunately, the huge box of cakes for the cake sale left me no choice. There was no way I could have done the two mile walk without ruining them so I would have had to catch the bus anyway, if it hadn’t been for Commando.

There were literally hundreds, if not thousands, of cakes for sale and they all looked absolutely scrummy. We were even given extra time off the phones in the morning to go and buy them and then had to face what was left again at lunch time when we went to the canteen. I am very proud to say that although I did buy two cakes I bought them both home with me for Commando and Mini Commando. My willpower must be at an all time high at the moment because they were sitting there on my desk all afternoon and I didn’t even steal a teeny tiny bit of icing.

Food wise I have had a good day and, even though my calorie allowance has dropped because of the weight loss over the last two weeks, I did not go over. This business of your calorie allowance going down as you lose weight is a new concept for me but I suppose it stands to reason that, the smaller you are, the less you need to eat. Maybe that’s why my weight loss ground to a halt before? To make up for the lack of walking to work I did some extra wii fit tonight and still managed to burn over 500 calories which was the target I set for myself.

I have also managed to keep to my no carb evenings again. This is what’s boosting the weight loss, I’m sure, so I’m going to keep it up as long as I possibly can. It was a bit tough tonight because Commando had prepared the pasta I cooked on Sunday and pasta is my favourite, especially with garlic bread. The smell of garlic and butter wafted at me as I walked through the door and I was sorely tempted. With a supreme effort of will, I covered it with cling film and put it in the fridge so I can have it for my lunch tomorrow. It will taste so much better then, all that anticipation and none of the guilt.

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