23 July 2010 – Doritos and willpower failure

The lure of Doritos

The lure of Doritos

Tuesday • Exercise: 906 • Consumed: 1102
Wednesday • Exercise: 701 • Consumed: 1184
Thursday • Exercise: 362 • Consumed: 1750
• Exercise: 373
• Consumed: 1168

Last night was the first girly night since I joined BL. This was the rescheduled Pussy Posse night from the other week and as I’ve been very good these last two weeks and seen some brilliant results, I was determined that I would not give in to excess alcohol and nibbles.

The plan was to have one rum and diet coke, then switch to diet coke alone and just eat the no carb nibbles I’d stashed in the freezer from last time in small quantities. We work until 8pm and so none of us have a chance to eat before we arrive. We usually club together to get a takeaway or I get loads of nibbly things like Doritos and dips and stuff and we always get through tons of booze. This time I made sure the nibbles included a variety of low carb stuff for me and I really thought I could stick to it. I didn’t. The lure of the Doritos and dips was too strong and one rum and diet coke turned into several as the evening wore on. I am a sucker for peer pressure.

Even so, I kept a count (well as much as you can when you’re half drunk) and added everything to my food diary. Ok, I did drink more than planned, but not nearly as much as I could have and although I ate some things I shouldn’t it was not the all out blow out it would usually have been. For the first time since I’ve joined BL I went over my calorie allowance but by less than 200 which I’d call a result in the circumstances.

We finally got to bed at 4AM but I dragged myself up at 9 and, although I didn’t do my usual Wii exercises, I did do housework and walked to the shops and even did half an hour of gardening before I finally gave in to tiredness and fell asleep on the sofa. By some miracle I don’t have a hangover but I’m pretty tired and more than a little annoyed with myself. It could have been much worse though and I hope it won’t stop me losing weight this week.

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