24 July 2010 – gardening calories

Burning calories in the garden

Burning calories in the garden

Saturday 24th July
• Exercise: 1067
• Consumed: 1033

The weather has been nice here today so I spent most of my time in the garden again. For once there wasn’t really anything in need of clipping but I’ve weeded the front garden, rebedded the big pebbles that divide the grass from the flower beds and put on a fresh layer of bark chips. Bark chip spreading is seriously hard work and I was disappointed to see there wasn’t an entry in the exercise diary for it and I had to add it as general gardening which seemed to be way less calories than I felt I burned. After that I watered everything and stood back to admire my hard work. It is all looking really nice and the best part is I’ve burnt over 1,050 calories doing it!

Ok so my hands are a mess from the bark chips, I will be digging splinters out all evening, my back aches and I can’t move my arms without wincing. Bring on tomorrow evening and Sirona, my lovely daughter in law, who is coming to pamper me. Think I’ll ask for a massage after the leg wax. I deserve it.

This just goes to show you don’t have to be in the gym to be getting a good work out. Tomorrow it’s time for the side garden!

The ‘calories in’ haven’t been too shabby either. Shamefully, I did skip lunch, which is a sin in the eyes of BL, and just had a small bag of Doritos (not good!!!!) but I was too busy in the garden to stop and not really hungry after a late breakfast. There was lamb burger with mushroom, onion and a big green salad with Parmesan shavings and balsamic vinegar for dinner. Commando and Mini Commando had wedges and sesame buns with theirs but I stuck to my guns on the no carb evenings. Later, I will be having pistachios and melon balls to make up the calories because I’m still only on 800ish. Being under calories is also a sin in the eyes of BL, apparently your body goes into starvation mode and stops burring calories if you do that. This could also explain a lot because meal skipping was a regular thing in the past.

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