25 July 2010 – worn out


Sunday July 25th
• Exercise: 372
• Consumed: 1158

This morning I finished off the bark chips on the front garden and did a bit more work on the corner where the flax used to be to try to encourage the crowded out plants to grow in the right direction. My poor back and shoulders are now protesting so I guess I must have burned a few more calories. Despite it being last chance workout weekend I really do need to rest now so I’m going to sit in the garden for a while and enjoy it all. Later I have to do the weeks cooking but for now I’m resting. Right, i might just shut my eyes for a minute…

Oh bugger, I fell asleep and only wore up when Sirona, Philo, Ashleigh and Bee turned up. Sirona did my waxing while the girls ran around in the garden eating ice lollies so I am all nice and smooth again. It was lovely to see tham all and have a catch up. Ashleigh, who has been going through a worryingly shy, nervous stage, seems to be a bit more talkative these days and more relaxed which is good.

The no carb dinners kick is still going well. We had our main meal at lunch time again so I had oven chips today but I weighed them and had just 75g which seemed plenty after more than 2 weeks without any at all. After the family left I still didn’t feel hungry so it was pretty late (around 9) when I finally ate a tin of tuna with onion, cuecumber and extra light mayo followed by a 200g bowl of melon with half fat creme fraiche and fruit sauce.

Strangely, I am almost looking forward to the weigh in tomorrow. Hopefully I will have another good loss this week. Perhaps I can finally make friends with my scales. Then again…

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