26 July 2010 – resisting the lure of the garlic bread

The lure of garlic bread

The lure of garlic bread

11 st 4.5 lb BMI 27.4 Size 14

• Exercise: 579
• Consumed: 1200

Despite a fair bit of confidence when I stepped onto the scales, which must be a first, there was only a small loss, slightly under one pound, this week. I guess I paid the price for the girls night but at least I had the whole weekend to make up for it or it might have been a gain! It may be a little bag of sand to add to my pile but it is a bag after all.

The sand bag thing is an homage to Biggest Loser where they usually bring the series to a close with the contestants completing some kind of endurance challenge where they have to pick up bags of sand corresponding to their weight loss for each week at stages on the course. I bought a sack of sand at B&Q and each week I fill a bag with sand weighing what I’ve lost. It’s quite motivational.

Today I’ve had a good day both at work with three sales and with the eating and exercise thing. Commando gave me a lift in this morning again. This time there were no cakes as an excuse, just laziness. This means there is not quite as much in the exercise diary as normal but I really went for it on the wii fit cycling tonight and was literally dripping with sweat. During the week time is my enemy as far as exercise is concerned but I will definately have a good weekend and put in lots of hours. Well, probably…

It was pasta night again tonight and, as usual, I SO wanted to eat it. Straight away I threw all but two rounds of garlic bread into the bin. Even I would not get food out of the bin and eat it! Ok, so it has been known, much to my shame, but not from the bottom of the bin which is where I pushed it just to be safe. Then I packed the pasta and the other rounds of bread in a plastic container for lunch tomorrow. This is becoming one of the good habits they keep talking about on BL. Instead of pasta I had a low calorie fish in butter sauce from the freezer with a nice green salad and, as I hadn’t had over 1000, calories when I put it into my diary I had 25g of hazelnuts to make up the difference. No carb evenings are becoming the norm now and, apart from the temptation with the pasta, I really don’t miss the carbs. Hopefully I will be rewarded on the scales next week.

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