27 July 2010 – dream factory bombshell


• Exercise: 742
• Consumed: 1189

Not a bad day today. It has been very hot and sticky again, kind of thundery, although the threatened storm hasn’t materialised yet. Commando woke me up early throwing stones at the window becaue he had forgotten his key but I took the opportunity to do a but more exercise, some Wii Fit boxing which I haven’t done for a while. Even though it was trying to rain I walked to work, although I confess I did think about the bus for a moment. The thought of calories burnt made me stick with the walking though.

My team had training this morning plus team talk which meant a longer lunch break. This meant I got the chance to really enjoy the pasta I resisted last night. After lunch I got a text from Alfie to tell me Dream Factory are closing the office. Straight away I called her because I thought she was joking, then, when I realised she wasn’t, I felt really sorry for all my ex colleagues. Once I’d put the phone down I texted Joe as I’m really worried about him but he hasn’t replied yet. Part of me is still not sure whether to believe Alfie because she only heard it third hand but tonight’s facebook statuses suggest that something bad is going on there so I wouldn’t be surprised if it is true.

The Wii balance board’s batteries were running out this evening so I only ended up doing a 20 minute step session before they gave up the ghost. After a massive search through the drawer of random things I eventually found some batteries amongst all the tangled chargers and non working pens so I will be OK in the morning thank goodness. Surprisingly I actually feel rubbish if I haven’t done my exercises in the morning. Who would have thought it!

Once again I Stuck to the no carb evenings tonight. There has only been one night when I have broken the rule apart from the girls night and that was the takeaway Commando sulked me into. Hopefully all this dedication will pay off and next weigh in will be a good one. I really want to lose more than 1 lb this time!

Yet again I ended the day I was under calories and, with the spectre of starvation mode dancing around my head, I had a cup of cocoa and 25g of hazlenuts. When I put the calories into my diary I was surprised to see my calories eaten were EXACTLY the same as my allowance. Couldn’t have done that if I’d tried!

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