28 July 2010 – good news bad news

Checking out the menu

Checking out the menu

• Exercise: 774
• Consumed: 963

Not a bad day in all. Lots of exercise again plus eating well and staying within calories. Yet again I came up short by the end of the day so had to have another 25g of hazlenuts to make up the difference. Even then I was still under calories by quite a bit but I really don’t want to eat any more. Starvation mode is a worry.

My team have been the best performing team in the building for 6 weeks now which has equalled a long standing record. That is a great achievement and Kim is over the moon with us but… we have been given £100 to go out on a team night and the team have chosen TGI Fridays tomorrow night. That will be two bad Thursdays in a row. I am just about to go on their website and see if there’s anything I can eat that won’t totally ruin my weight loss this week. As it is straight from work, I won’t be able to do any Wii in the evening either. Every cloud and all that…

Somehow I can see another weekend filled with hard exercise and not eating much. Oh well, let’s hope I can manage it.

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