30 July 2010 – the joke is on me


Thursday • Exercise: 437 • Consumed: 1295
• Exercise: 605
• Consumed: 1243

Last night I didn’t do too badly at TGI Fridays all things considered. Armed with the information I got from Google, I stuck to the low cal choices from the menu. Ok, so they could hardly be counted as good but at least I tried. For my starter I had buffalo wings which I shared with Mitty. Thanks to Mitty’s rather vague understanding of sharing I only ate 3 which was under 200 calories. I did have the lions share of the the celery sticks as Mitty hates celery but I think that could actually be counted as a good thing.

My main was chicken casadilla but I only ate 2 (under 300 calories) and I left all the rice. Tempting as it was I didn’t order desert either. Unfortunately my lovely friends told the staff it was my 40th birthday (40, I wish!) and the staff brought a complementary chocolate desert, complete with candle. They then made me stand on a chair and everyone in the restaurant sang happy birthday to me! Shamefully, I did eat some of the desert but only about 4 spoonfuls and I did my best to count it in my calories.

How wonderful to have such a lovely bunch of practical joking friends, not! They said it was because I sneaked off to Turkey in May on my 50th and didn’t give them the chance to do anything, so I guess I have to forgive them. The fact that all the staff seemed to believe it was my 40th birthday was quite a boost too, even if most of them were about twelve so probably think anyone over twenty is ancient.

All in all including the one rum and coke, the unschesuled desert and the rum and coke back at my house when everyone came back afterwards, I was stil only 200 over calories and this was more than covered by my exercise calories. Hopefully it will not have sabotaged my week too much.

Because everyone came back with me I was late to bed (2:30), but still managed to drag myself out again bed by 8:30 which is not too bad. After my normal wii morning exercises and my housework I showered, went up the big hill to the shops, and carried the heavy bags back home. By the time I’d done all that it was only eleven o’clock and I was flagging!

This afternoon I’ve done next to nothing, had a sandwich for lunch, read a bit and caught up with some Sex and the City, even went up to bed for a little while to try, unsuccessfully to have a nap in the hope of perking myself up enough for a bit more exercise. Sex and the City for the evening it is then.

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