31 July 2010 – a weights disaster


• Exercise: 921
• Consumed: 1688

Ages ago I used to use my Reebok weights all the time but I haven’t got them out for a while. This afternoon everyone was watching tv in the gym so I couldn’t get on the wii and I thought I would get the weights and step out and spend some time in front of the mirrors doing that.

When I started with the weights I used the minimum and slowly built up. This is probably what I should have done today but I left all the weights on instead. It was surprising how hard I found it and, after ten minutes, my arms were worn out and I had to put the weights down and just carry on with the step alone doing a routine of step lunges and leg raises for the rest of the time I had planned. All in all I did 30 minutes and I think I will pay tomorrow with sore arms. I may add this to my weekend routine though as it burnt a lot of calories and I do tend to neglect my arms over legs and tummy during the week.

Commando talked me into a Chinese tonight which put paid to the no carb evenings but it was lovely. To make up for it he did some training with me after wards. He used to teach martial arts and he’s been promising to do this for ages but the guilt of making me eat Chinese finally made him get round to it. Surprisingly I really enjoyed it. I did some punches on the bag with the gloves then some more punches with him with the pads and some high knee kicks. We went up and down the gym with me punching the pads and him moving backwards giving orders, left hook, jab, back fist, high knee, cross etc. Finally he had me doing high knee kicks where I had to force him back. That was really hard and I had to really force myself to carry on even though I wanted to give up and go to sleep.

He said I wasn’t too bad, and I just need to work on it but I had good hard punches. Hopefully we can keep this up and do some each weekend. Having my own personal trainer would really help my weight loss.

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